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Transpersonal/psychedelic Integration

Experienced an impacting or challenging psychedelic journey? This can result from ingestion of particular plants, psilocybin-containing mushrooms, a synthesized or extracted chemical agent (e.g. LSD, DMT, MDMA), a breathwork session, or other shamanic processes.
CA psychointegration offers a specialist counselling service, grounded in harm reduction principles, for addressing a diversity of possible experiences.
With a holistic health focus, sessions may include processing adverse reactions or imprinting-related challenges, confusion or curiosity, and assisting with growth phases that can result from these unique and often challenging initiatory experiences.


Unique practitioners utilizing a compassionate approach.

Alcohol or other Drug-related mental health concerns?

Substance use that has become problematic is often associated with attempting to cope with difficult states of mind or demands experienced during challenging periods in one’s life. These may be experienced as a result of trauma (childhood and/or adult), grief and loss, relationship tension, disability, and other stresses. It is quite common and something you can receive expert therapeutic support in relation to.
Left unchanged, many patterns of behaviour involving frequent or excessive intake of a substance (e.g. stimulant or depressant) can lead to impacted functioning, a lowered sense of coping without the substance, exacerbation of underlying conditions, and risk of developing medical conditions.

Whether you feel stuck in a pattern of dependence, are struggling with a family member's substance use-related behaviour, or wish to learn how your brain works and how you can make changes to improve your health and relationships, we can assess your situation and provide counselling to target your needs.

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